The University of Wisconsin-Madison is home to nearly 300 leading students of commercial real estate. We would love to introduce them to you. There are several forums for that which you can sign up for below. Here are a few informational flyers about the Real Estate program in general and the MBA program in particular.



We are currently setting a date for our next career fair. If you would like to get an email from us once we set the date, just add your name to our list by clicking on this link and we'll be in touch!




advertise a job in our newsletter

If you would like to advertise a position in the newsletter we send our members, please email the current secretary (whose email you can find listed on the contact page) and send the message in the following format:


Body Content: The contact information of the recruiter with whom they should communicate.

Attachment: A full description of the position and deadlines saved as a PDF. As much as possible, name the PDF file as a description of the position (i.e. "Summer Internship for Junior at Company X.pdf") so that students looking through the different attachments at the bottom of our newsletter will be able to find it easily.


request to attend a club meeting

Real Estate Club meetings are designed to provide a biographical, memoir-style conversation between a veteran industry professional and our club members. If you are such a person and would like to discuss the possibility of speaking at one of our meetings, please reach out to the current club presidents, whose email you can find listed on the contact page.


Host an Info Session

In polls of our members, info sessions have consistently ranked as one of their favorite ways to get to know a new firm. They're usually held after classes, for 30-60 minutes, with light refreshments.

Importantly, because of the volume of these events which happen on campus, organization of info sessions is coordinated not by the club itself but by Career Services, with sign-ups happening on Buckynet. But once these events have been scheduled, you can count on us to promote it to our members and help ensure that you get a good turnout.

To sign up for an info session, simply create a BuckyNet account using one of the "recruit" buttons below and see the option in the interface for info sessions. If you have any trouble, please feel free to reach out to UW Career Services who coordinates all such events. Thank you!



Sometimes it's helpful to begin the hiring process before the career fair takes place or after it's already taken place. For that and any other interviewing needs, we'd be honored to have you on campus.